Experience Panama

Panama – The Gateway to the Americas

Arrive in Panama as a tourist and immerse yourself in culture so rich, you’ll feel like a native before you’ve left. Members of Gym in paradise will show you the ins and outs of this amazing country. You’ll be pleased, surprised and excited at how untouched yet modern and safe this city, a beautiful tropical paradise 3 hours in either direction from jungle and native beaches can be.

The main training facility for Gym in Paradise is located in the historic neighborhood of  Casco Viejo,Panama City.  Casco Viejo is almost 500 years old and has maintained much of the look since the times of Pirates.  Surrounded by buildings, hundreds of years old,  churches and cobblestone streets, it makes for incredible photo ops and a once in a lifetime experience.  The building that houses this rustic, water front training facility is also dedicated to improving the local community.  Entirely made up of not for profit organizations, the gym shares space with after school programs for local youth as well as Spanish and English learning centers.

Each group that travels with Gym in Paradise is encouraged to bring one item to donate to the community (an old gi, gloves, instructional dvd, shirts with your gyms logo, etc…).  For more info on how Gym in Paradise gives back and how you and your gym can get involved please send john@gyminparadise.com an email with the subject “I want to give back to Casco!”.

Guided walking tours through Casco Viejo are available and encouraged!  This beautiful historic area is rich with architecture and extraordinary sites in addition to some of Panama’s most well known and delicious eating establishments.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Panama City without seeing the engineering feat that is the Panama Canal which is then only a short drive one of the most pristine and secluded beaches in the world.  Enjoy living a  laid back lifestyle in a place better reserved for a National Geographic Photo Shoot; surf, fish and relax on this gorgeous Pacific beach that in a drive that takes minutes, transports you to another time and place .