About Us

Do what you love in a place you’d love to be.

Why Not Train at a Gym In Paradise?

Gym in Paradise (“GIP”) was founded in 2011 and operates 24 hours 7 days a weeks 365 days a year. Our home base and offices are located in Panama city, Panama – allowing GIP to meet each and every one of your needs. GIP has it all – Muy Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Cardio and Strength Training. GIP provides the client with one week or one month of action packed days and nights. Training sessions are intermingled with everything from night-clubs to surf trips, from spiritual centers to casinos. GIP staff tailor each trip to their clients needs.

Meet the Staff

John “Seco” Boyle fell in love with Panama the moment he stepped off the plane in July of 2012.  After starting Gym in Paradise with Stephen, Seco decided to make the move to Panama and live full time to pursue his dream of teaching, learning, and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is currently a Brown Belt under Amal Easton, Eliot Marshall and Larry King from Easton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Denver, CO.  A multiple time BJJ Colorado State Champion at nearly every belt level, Seco thrives off his passion for the Gentle Art and it shows when he teaches.  While in Panama, Seco will be hands on for each individual on the trip.  Whether that means cooking up a nice BBQ dinner at the beach house, teaching you how to surf, or fixing you grips for a clock choke, Seco’s got your back!

Stephen “Osito” Crissman – Stephen, also known as “Little Bear” has been competing in combat sports since the age of 5. He loves Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how BJJ can be used to control an MMA bout. He is also the head of the Pro team training that fights out of the main Gym In Paradise training facilities in Panama City, Panama. Finally, he finds it important to let the world know that his son (also pictured) will be the title holder at 170 in the UFC in the year 2041.

Yana “Kooz Master” Rain – Yana the “Kooz Master” cannot stand when her beer becomes warm. Thus she is always found with at least 10 koozies in her purse… which comes in handy for most clients of Gym In Paradise. Yana handles all logistics and lodging at the beaches in Panama. A former pro surfer, she also teaches GIP surf classes.

Andrew “Killing It” Calvo -Killing It is a current pro Muy Thai and Boxer as well as an instructor. Andy has lived and trained in Thailand, Italy, China, Panama, and the United States. Killing it is in charge of all striking seminars and leads groups to various historic gyms in Panama.

Tim Ewing is currently the director for all Central American academies under the Carlos Valente BJJ Association. Tim´s lives and teaches BJJ in Panama City.

His most recent titles in Brown Belt:
2013 Vice-Champion Pan American (Ultra Heavy)
2013 Abu Dhabi Worlds Professional Trials Miami: Champion (Ultra Heavy, Senior 1)
2013 Abu Dhabi Worlds Professional Trials Miami Absolute Champion(Ultra Heavy, Senior 1)
2012 World Champion (Ultra Heavy)

Tim is a Brown Belt under the legendary Carlos “Cao” Valente.